NetPicks was founded in 1996. This is a trading company. It was founded by Mark Soberman in order to provide traders with top-quality trading education. This company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. The qualified staff of NetPicks has a passion for ensuring that their clients get the best trading experience. There is a wide range of services being rendered by them. These include forex, stocks, in addition to ETFs, Futures, as well as Options. NetPicks provides online trading tips along with tutorials on all these services. It even has videos that have been posted on the Youtube channel.

NetPicks wants to educate people on how to trade smarter. There are three objectives of their trading systems. Clients can opt for a full-time career, or earn some part-time income or just do it in minutes. The entire process has been simplified so that clients can choose their goal. The rest is taken care of by the system. The company emphasizes sustainable development. It believes that the rate of degradation of the environment has to reduce while the technology is advancing. The company is trying to strike a balance between both of them.

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NetPicks is well aware that we need people who can invest wisely and maintain sustainable development too. Hence there has to be a wise investment that is socially responsible too. This is why NetPicks puts in efforts to educate traders to invest in a manner that is socially responsible.  For added trading tips, check

NetPicks recommends ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. These are just like mutual bonds, but they are traded differently. The most recommended class of ETFs is the one that is socially responsible. Unlike mutual bonds, the stocks and ETFs are passively managed. In order to ensure sustainable development, various strategies of investing will be followed. The objective is to maximize social value along with financial returns.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, hit on

Positive screening is an effective investment strategy. This would involve selecting of organizations, and projects. This will be based on the unique criteria that have been set up. Another strategy is Negative screening which is based on factors like social impacts. This would exempt some investments as they may not be considered as viable.  Get connected now, hop over to

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