Paul Mampilly is a shrewd investor who spends most of his time helping main street Americans to make profitable investments. Through his company, Profits Unlimited, a successful investment newsletter, Paul advises his subscribers on the stocks that they should invest in. In addition, he provides them with frequent updates on the performance of different stocks. While working on Wall Street, he realized that the platform was developing innovative products for the ultra-rich investors. He retired from his high-ranking position to venture in the newsletter publishing business to help people from different backgrounds to achieve their goals. The renowned investment expert spends most of his time researching on stocks before coming up with a clear recommendation for his clients. Most of his recommendations are based on the trends of Internet of Things (IoT) and Millenials since he believes that they are a major influence on numerous industries.

Paul Mampilly joined Wall Street in 1991 to work as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. He quickly rose through the ranks to occupy top positions at ING and Deutsche Bank where he managed multimillion-dollar accounts. In 2006, Paul’s professionalism landed him another job as a manager of a $6 billion firm, Kinetics Asset Management. While at the firm, Paul worked tirelessly to see the company increase its assets to $25 billion with average annual returns of 26 percent. This success earned the company recognition by Barron’s as one of the world’s Best hedge funds.

Paul Mampilly had an opportunity to participate in an investment contest arranged by the Templeton Foundation. He won the investment competition after generating the highest returns of $88 million from the initial investment of $50 million within a year. This success earned him much praise from different experts since he generated the profits during the 2008-2009 financial crises. Presently, the active investor splits his time between Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, another newsletter investment company that he founded. Paul focuses on providing his clients with appropriate leads. He follows the same routine of constantly tracking his stocks. Before making any decision, Mampilly seeks for every detail about the market. He pays more attention on people’s perspectives while researching on stocks to ensure that he does not miss out on any information.

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