25 years of experience



If you are searching for an expert research and document service provider that will offer you several document services such as lien release and assignments, research services, document retrieval and abstract services- well, then there is no need for a second thought- contact NTC for any kind of doubts that you have in this business field.



This privately-owned leading research and document-processing service provider have a very long working history. They were founded in early 1991 and since then have constantly been growing and making significant progress using the latest technology programs, applications and services and significantly working on training their staff too.



NTC is qualified and certified in all required certifications and the latest news about their employee training are proving that they have a potential to become not only the number in the USA, when it comes to the residential mortgage industry but to hit the first place on the worldwide international level.



Training: Make it clear and avoid mistakes



Speaking about famous employee training in the NTC, it is important to mention that it contains a wide list of different types of training courses. The latest information is telling us that this time last year almost 70% of their current workforce, around 210 employees were a part of the training process and actively engaged in additional training courses.



As we can see, the key to their extraordinary progress in all required levels lies in continual and very intensive training that provides to their people to figure out and understand how this business field works. This kind of training was made for one specific reason- to help people understand what they’re doing in their function and how they can improve their skills and learn more about this specific business area.



Nationwide Title Clearing – the standard of actual perfection



If you are wondering what’s new about NTC, well, let’s just say that this leading and document-processing provider for the mortgage and financial industry is constantly making steps forward. The latest progress is about making the process of securing property reports simple and the interesting thing is that now property reports are online available thanks to updated website.



The best thing about this award-winning private company is the ability to access for any residential property nationwide. NTC contains data collected from various secure sources with human verification in the background, so this perfect combination of the latest combination mixed with the keen human eye is the reason why Nationwide Title Clearing has a reject rate on documents well under 1% which is pretty amazing fact.

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