The National Steel Car is the largest rolling stock manufacturer in Canada. The company is owned by Gregory J Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz, and he is one of the main reasons how the company managed to bounce back. Gregory J Aziz was once working with the financial industry, but upon hearing that the National Steel Car is being sold, he immediately contacted the previous owner, Dofasco, and signed up the deal. Today, the National Steel Car is recognized as one of the most successful companies in Canada, and Gregory J Aziz stated that this is because of the teamwork coming from the management and from the employees.


The National Steel Car was founded in 1912 in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A team of wealthy individuals decided to meet up one day and thought of an idea on how they can benefit from the trans-Canadian railway that is being built by the government. One of the investors suggested that a rolling stock factory should be made, because once the rail network opens, many freight services would require additional rolling stocks. The group of wealthy investors soon founded the National Steel Car, and they are selling out quickly because of the bulk of orders coming in. The company was in good shape, until a global economic meltdown came in the 1930s. Businesses around the world collapsed, and the National Steel Car was not spared. The company had to shift from manufacturing rolling stocks to creating weapons and vehicles for war during World War 2 just to earn profit. The company slowly grew after the war, and in the 1960s, Dofasco decided to purchase them. The National Steel Car experienced slow growth under the hands of Dofasco, but the crisis with the industry in the late 1980s resulted in Dofasco selling the National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz heard the news that the National Steel Car is being sold by Dofasco, so he immediately called the company and offered his proposal. The two parties agreed to sign the contract to sell the National Steel Car and to give the ownership to Gregory J Aziz, and the latter promised that he will do his best to restructure the company. Greg Aziz retained all of the employees, and he told them that the reason why he kept them is because he believes in their skill. This kind of leadership inspired the employees working at the National Steel Car to work hard, and it resulted to the rise of rolling stock production of the company, along with the recognition by different award giving bodies. Find More Information about Greg Aziz and National Steel Car here.