Troy McQuagge is a 1982 graduate from the University of Central Florida. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in legal studies. He began working in the health care industry beginning in 1996 when he worked as the president of the marketing portion of Health Market. He worked there for a little under seven years. Upon his completion of his time there he began working at US Health Advisors in Grapevine, Texas. His original goal was to help them reinvigorate the program and in 2014 he successfully completed the goal. Seeing how great he did, the compay named him the Chief Executive Officer and President of their Head firm, US Health Group which is located out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Since his involvement with the company, they have seen record breaking profits and growth. In an industry that has plenty of competitors, US Health Group focuses on small and medium business owners and individuals who are self-employed.

In January of 2017, Troy McQuagge received the CEO of the Year award by the One Planet Awards Company. This award honors businesses and individuals in every industry. Organizations from across the globe are able to participate in the nomination process. When receiving the award, McQuagge stated that, “this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”.

Dedicated to his career, this award honors a man qualified for the job and ready to make more customers succeed in what they do best while feeling secure that their insurance needs are being met.