The environmental activism of Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been well-publicized, but the star of “The Revenant” has recently been looking to invest in a healthy snacks market growing across recent years. The latest investment made by DiCaprio has been a minor equity investment made in the organic chickpea snack brand, Hippeas, which is the first major offering from the Green Park Holdings brand established in 2016 by Livio Bisterzo; prior to his investment in Hippeas, Leonardo DiCaprio had already invested in the Love In The Wild sustainable foods brand.

36-year-old Livio Bisterzo explains his Hippeas brand has already been growing since it was launched in early 2016 with an initial flavor palette covering an innovative six flavor offerings. Soon after the launch of the brand, Livio Bisterzo announced he had been successful in agreeing on an initial placement of Hippeas puffed chickpea snacks in Starbucks stores where the brand could develop its initial customer base. Offering a one-ounce bag of Hippeas at Starbucks for just $1.95 has paid dividends for Hippeas and its parent company, Green Park Holdings as the brand recently announced expected wholesale revenues to reach $11 million in 2017, a rise from $2.5 million in 2016.

Understanding the industry for healthy, alternative, and salty snacks have been growing at a high rate in recent years has already prompted Livio Bisterzo to expand his Hippeas brand to the U.K. with the establishment of an office in the country in 2017. Livio Bisterzo has looked to reflect his own interests in the Green Park Holdings brand developed to provide healthy snacks and drinks for an expanding market in the 21st-century. The motto of Livio Bisterzo and his Green Park Holdings parent company to the Hippeas brand is “better for you”, a slogan reflected in the healthy puffed chickpea products Green Park sells as part of its range of products. As a student at the University of the Arts, London, Livio Bisterzo made his first impression as an entrepreneur after bringing his love of healthy living and marketing together with events based business.

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