The Canadian based company is one of the biggest Manufacturers of railroad and freight car worldwide. National Steel Car was founded in 1912. The company is a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. The firm maintains top 3 in the rolling stock manufacturing industry in the Canadian market since its inception. The National Steel Car was founded by Sir John Morison Gibson and other investors. It was later on bought by Dofasco in 1962 run it for a short time and sold it to National Industries Inc owned by Gregory James Aziz. In just a few years of running National Steel Car, Greg Aziz had already managed to increase the number of employees from 500 to 3000. The company’s production capacity had also increased from 3500 to 12500 railcars in a year. Gregory Aziz has worked persistently over the years with a team of committed professionals and made the National Steel Car a renowned company worldwide.

James Aziz attributes the success of National Steel Car to the professional workforce that has committed to the growth of the company. Gregory says that National Steel Car is built on constant innovation, diversity and dynamic values contributed by the extemporary team of employees. Gregory has continuously raised the bar in the rail Industry in regard to quality and promptness in production. Through the leadership of Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car has managed to maintain its broad sense of purpose in the National Steel Car. From these values, Gregory Aziz has been able to mobilize the customer base of the company and continues to serve new and existing customers.

Gregory Aziz has had numerous Achievements in the running of National Steel Car. As the company is the only Railcar Company that is certified ISO 9001:2008 in Northern America. The company has also received the recognition of the Annual TTX SECO, through the numerous awards given to them over the years. Greg Aziz persists in the production of quality Railcar despite the success it has achieved over the years. James Aziz values the customers’ opinion and continues to improve the products based on the customers’ reviews and other current factors crucial in delivering of quality railcars. Some of these factors include the ever-evolving technology and incorporating new inventions and innovations in the manufacturing of Railcars. Greg is however still committed to maintaining the company’s traditions despite the incorporation of the new trends.


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