FreedomPop offers free and pretty economical options to fit several user models. Here is whats of great importance about them.


Signing up with the platform gives you a range of various types of mobile and Internet services. it has a free cell phone service, this provides five hundred megabytes of purely 4G data, unlimited texting and two hundred voice minutes. The company uses the Sprint network.


It is significant to note that this service is free for the first year only. After that, you will typically pay eleven dollars per month for the same service.


Users also can take advantages of the free service and can increase their data in three ways without any top-up plan or option:

  1. Users can pay $0.02 per additional megabytes of data that they use.
  2. Users can also invite their friends and family members to join it through a program known as Freedom Friends. For every pal who signs up and uses the platform continually, you receive an additional ten megabytes of data every month.
  3. While the third one is to complete offers, take surveys, and download software in order to earn free data from it.


A plan known as Unlimited Everything is the most widespread choice. For as low as twenty dollars per month, you are allowed to use all internet services with this offers an impressive range of phone, tablet, and device options, some of them are refurbished name brands while others are proprietary devices.


If you want to join the experience and be part of FreedomPop review, you can either buy a phone or device from them or use your own Sprint-compatible device. Its website is the most user-friendly site and is viewed half a million times on a monthly basis and thousands of people have subscribed to the site’s email list.


However, in addition to the website, there is a good customer service line set up for its customers to solve their issues and to assist them in a better way so that they can take all the advantages of this user-friendly site. With its customer service, most of the users are receiving helpful assistance and being satisfied fully.